You will have to look closely.

C:\PROGRA~1\Playnet\Playgate>more ftplog.txt
*** fceSetString(0,21,'www.playnet.com/bv/wwiiol/downloads.jspversion= 5')
*** fceSetString(0,21,'downloads.wwionline.com')
*** fceSetString(0,21,'/')
*** fceSetString(0,21,'wwiiol12901291a.exe')
*** fceConnect
FCE Win32 Version 2.1.3 Build 1
Description:  'WinSock 2.0'
LocalHost: 'KFS64'
Server: 'downloads.wwionline.com'
ServerIP =
R: KFS64<102:294.131>

If I weren’t quite so busy at the moment, this would be an excellent time for a hearty post on the evils of data duplication.


World War 1? ;)

So close, yes so far….

Wheres meh Sopwith Camel!?

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