Login problems for ancient user

According to Bloo, one of our customers is having problems getting into the game after not having logged in for “Five Thousand Years” :)

Fallout 3 “Live”

I decided to play a bit of Fallout 3 this weekend. It still doesn’t grab me, somehow, but it passes the time, and I saw on Steam (where I got mine) that there had been a patch release.

As I was wrapping things up for the weekend, I noticed the “LIVE” button and decided to register my game so I could turn off the CD Key pop-up for good. As expected, “LIVE” is “Games for Windows LIVE”.

Immediately, I ran into problems which I’ll cover below for anyone bored enough to want to hear about it. But mostly, having jumped thru the hoops, I was rather dissapointed to find I can’t play my saved games from my live profile.


I guess I won’t mind starting over – more on why below.