Login problems for ancient user

According to Bloo, one of our customers is having problems getting into the game after not having logged in for “Five Thousand Years” :)


Don’t know about not being able to log in, but i have a fresh pc reformat and reinstall and i keep blue screening >.<
Being on the welcome back soldier promo i cant log into the forums to make a help thread, would feel i little more welcome if that option was available to me.
nudge nudge wink wink :P

nm ignore last comment. Dropped res slightly and its ok for now. *touch wood* Not being able to log in the forums is a little lame tho. Wonder how many welcome backs have trouble and cant get help becuase of it.
God its nice to be back, patch is awesome btw, my fps is through the roof.

Hmm, “Five Thousand Years” and under Possibly Related Posts is:

‘Igneous Minerals’

It’s not me, I swear. :)

Mocking paying customers is not good for business. At least the business I’m in.
Thought of the day.

I fail to see what’s mocking about his post, msnyds1. He just found a turn of phrase to be funny.

Was’nt me, honest. I’m not that old ;)

I’m mocking, but last time I checked, Bloo was staff not a customer.

(Well, I guess I’m not really mocking; it took Bloo a moment to register what he’d said, and it brought a moment of levity to what was an otherwise stressful day)

…and just when he thought, he’d seen it all, he logged into wwiionline. :D

LOL some of the stuff that pops up just makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing! ;)

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