I <3 7

Sure, there are a few minor things here and there such as the lack of a darn “parent folder” button or link and the default sizing of the search box in folder views (explorer) means that you can only see the name of the current level of directory and if you try to click it to get the drop-down you turn the thing into the path name (c:\users\blah), the odd crash here and there, etc. But for a beta it feels cleaner, faster, fitter, healthier, happier, friendlier … more buyable than Vista.

Posting will resume when power is restored to the other brain cell.


The betas always do, they have all the bloat and crap to put on it yet. Fair play to microshat they are the only company I know that there beta is better than the final product :P

When I did the 95 beta, I kept it loaded until it expired. Sometime in 98. By then 98 SE was out never looked back.

Too bad this one expires in August, but it sounds like it light years ahead of vista.

My manager did a install of 7 in a VM yesterday and was astonished by how fast it started with minimal resources. The bloat is probably very correct; initial betas are lean because not everything has hit beta stage, more cruft gets added in later. We’ll see how it goes with successive builds, I guess.

Yep, my 1st impressions are very good.
It loads quickly, seams to handle multiple tasks better than Vista.

All in all, so far a very positive impression.

I’m hoping this will join 98SE & XP Pro as a example of a good Microsoft OS.

Again, aside from my old (and yes, it was old) soundcard not being supported in Vista (no driver by the extinct manufacturer) and the untimely changes with regards to the HAL, Vista has been veddy veddy good to meh. But hey if 7 is faster, I’m all for drinking more Kool-aid.

I don’t recall the Vista betas being this bloat-free. My SP1 Vista install isn’t that bad – the big difference seems to be that Vista SP1 is largely curtailing or fixing various UE annoyances whereas W7 they’ve actually uprooted them and/or replaced them. W7 has yet to aggravate me the way Vista did.

I’m not entirely convinced one way or another about the task bar changes. I’ve gotten used to using Rocket Dock. I still want a way to minimize a window to a preview pane in place. Hey, how bout I post an example :)

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