It fell!

10 hours of serious warfare, and Antwerp falls to the Axis. But that’s by no means the end of the story: 


What you have doesn’t mean nearly as much as what you hold and what you discard. To advance the line you need to try to populate your frontline with the most defendable towns, you want the enemy to be in the towns where defenders are easily harassed so that his fighting strength and morale are weakened. Waterloo is not a town you want to be holding on the frontline. Tienen and (old) Kalmthout will grind your soldiers down. And that Antwerp-Brussels bulge looks worryingly noose shaped…

Terrain and the geography of your line counts for so much more now. The Allied bulge in the south has extended the lines, and right now the Allies have the larger front.

Going to be a very interesting weekend…


Hey i was wondering, do you have any footage of the battle like you had with roermond?

Congrats on the increase in server pop!

I confess I’ve never really liked combat in the big cities but I know lots of people do. (or is it that they draw lots of folks because they are important battles?)

I’m sure its a problem that can be solved with new building models. In the meantime I’m happy to fight elsewhere – this is really a strong feature of WW20 – the ability to find what you like within the immense game world.


This last week have been some fun battles. Some real grinders.

Is that jpg from something player-accessible?
That’s beautiful, and especially if you could animate it (say 1 frame per game minute, 30 fps, you’d get about 48s of footage per game day)…that could be a gorgeous way to illustrate the sweep of a campaign in 10 minutes or so.

What do the various boxes show – activity in that tile? By kills or spawns?

It’s from my BEGM – the boxes are based on player deaths over the past hour.

SJKeegs makes some awesome animations (eg, the Aarschot Breakout), see the thread for more.

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