It’s on!

Campaign #50, Day 56. This campaign has been simmering slowly. Last night, Brussels fell and Antwerp has seen fierce, fierce fighting all day. Friday night. I’ve asked Killer to send ice packs down to the server farm just incase ;)


Infact, it’s been on since 11.19 this morning, but there’s no sign of a letup just yet. Sure, the Axis had to give up some hard gained towns in the south. But whether those are losses or not will depend on the outcome of the Antwerp offensive and the campaign.

Incidentally, after the week-of-wobbles we had last year with the 1.29 release, the servers have since been running continuously for 50 days with the highest populations for 3 years :)

If they’re going to take ‘twerp, Team Axis will have to keep the pressure on without losing peripheral vision.

I’d want a handful of Luftwaffe dedicated to scouting for Allied forces preparing for morale-buster offensives on vulnerable parts of the front lines and a few old-school ‘bunker patrols’ (38% of you said you like having to do bunker duty some of the time and 9% of you are insane and voted you love doing it :)

Of course, that’s a two edged sword for the Allies – with Brussels fallen, they really shouldn’t want to find out what it’s like to have to try and take Antwerp. And if they don’t keep their people properly motivated in Antwerp, that’s what their squad commanders will start to do – look for a chance of victory elsewhere on the front line, which could undermine Antwerp’s defense…

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