I am a coder…

I am a coder, not a DBA.
I am a coder, not a DBA.
I am a coder, not a DBA.

I am a coder, not a DBA.
I am a coder, not a DBA.
[repeats 995 times]

For 1.30 we finally have to bring some of our disparate databases together so we can support some additional subscription features, and I would give my left arm to have an Angus(*) right now.

The jointh, the jointh!

(* Angus: the head DBA at Granada Media when I worked there, a crotchety Scottish b****d, but then in my experience, DBAs usually are … eh, Mike?)


DBA’s are the keepers of the data, they will not allow a mere coder to deface their domain.

And yes, you are a coder and not a DBA.

aww shuddit (oh wait, I’m SA not a DBA) …

*nods sagely*

Definitely true, true.

SA is what you do, DBA is what you are. Awh g’wan, admit it :) g’wan g’wan g’wan :)

I said “smidgem” in conversation today :(

well if you’re being personal then I’m so much more than either an admin or a DBA :p

I don’t mind being called either Scottish, crotchety or B****rd, but the dba is slightly offensive!

Ahuh. Did you read that last sentence? :)

(And I’ll quit taunting you there, I *know* you’re not a DBA, but you’re also not a coder [meant as a compliment ;-P] so you were always better at DB stuff than me by miles :)

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