When Playnet gave me a Mac, I instantly fell in love with the Apple keyboard – which is basically a laptop keyboard; that sort of “Spectrum” softness (without being squishy) to the keys that really doesn’t require you “push” the keys so much as make contact with them. Lovely.

Trouble is, for 10+ years I used Microsoft ergonomic keyboards; I think my favorites were those old “natural elites” with the divide down the center of the keyboard.

With an ergo-keyboard there is a good, tactile frame of reference. With the Mac keyboard it’s real easy to lose your fingering.

So what I really want is one of these with Apple’s/laptop soft keys…


Try getting a lower surface for the apple keyboard. I find that on a regular desk I need my ergonomic one but my setup at home has a regular keyboard at about belly button level. That gives me no discomfort whatsoever.

I have one of those KFS, you want it? Maybe you can mod it.

Whale – it’s perfectly comfortable, but for gaming it’s a pain in the mental sense (nuisance) because it’s real easy to lose where my hands are unless I look — e.g. I’ll be using the WASD keys and have to move my hands and suddenly I’m trying to press a-z-shift-x

The white split Microsoft ergonomic keyboards

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