Boost: Something for everyone to hate

Time was I knew what Boost was. Now it’s big and messy. It comes with its own installer and builder (bjam)??? It seems they have decided to compromise on making it equally painful to install everywhere.

I needed to build the Regex library as a Universal static .lib (so I could link against it without injecting a dylib dependency, cause I know nothing about dylibs).

For anyone wanting to do likewise (imagine one of your colleagues has decided not to use the Lua or JavaScript regex libraries already available to them and drop the entire of Boost into the project instead… Until another of your other colleagues yelled at him in his German accent and then the first colleague pulled Boost back out of the project without removing the dependency)…

Build/install bjam (it comes with Boost) and then execute the following command:

tools/jam/src/bin.macos*/bjam -a \
  --toolset=darwin \
  --with-regex \
  --architecture=combined \
   variant=release \
   link=static \
   architecture=combined \

Your libboost_regex-xgcc40-mt-1_38.a file will be prepared in ./stage/lib.

I wanted the static version so that we don’t then have to install boost on our player’s machines.


My god, he’s alive!!!!

Sounds like your having a “fun” time of it at the moment.

Hope things aren’t TOO stressful for you at the moment.

!S MW.

It’s a good thing RSS feeds were invented.

Is it soup yet?

I had that problem not too long ago. Was like Really? Ended up using a less known library called TRE instead, just included the source code in the project, it works well. Once you know how to work C++ strings that is, which I didn’t very well and have since discovered that is a lifetime-to-master game.

You hate boost? I LOVE IT! It is big, yes, but not messy. And they have great documentations for the setup and the libraries.
I would love it, if more libraries would be that easy to use and understand.

And great to read, that you’re still alive ;)


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