No, we won’t appoint you a new CO.

Work-related post.

We get periodic requests from people asking us to change the leadership of a squad. Our policy is very simple: squads belong to their current COs. There are only two requests we will handle regarding a squad, and only if they are verifiably from the current CO.

a) Re-enable voting so that the squad can elect a new leader,
b) Appoint a specific new leader from the current membership.

One particularly large squad seems to be having a bit of an issue right now. A few of their XOs and players have asked us to make them CO/make someone else CO/remove the current CO. Some claimed that the current CO is inactive, others claimed that they don’t like him. Meanwhile, the current CO and officers do seem to be fairly active – actively removing people, in particular the people who have tried to use /voteco.

This is all rather unfortunate, and I can imagine the guys contacting us are somewhat frustrated that we seemingly won’t help them. But there’s no way for us to tell who is who in this fight… Well, except for which player is listed as the CO in our database. And, for better or worse, that’s the guy that owns the squad.


I know a *lot* about this situation, and I’ll just say that SG (squad) will never fall back into the hands of SG Syndicate (you know, the FNG orcs and elves guys who charge to be in the squad). There was a major falling out between the squad command and the Syndicate command. So we unaffiliated the squad with Syndicate and discontinued to pay their membership fee.

There have been several people (old timers) promoted to recruiter so they can keep bringing new blood into the squad but control is locked and shall stay that way.

Wasn’t aware SG had had these issues…

honestly I think it happens to every squad form time to time. get enough people, and inevitably people want to start going in different directions as far as a squad…..

Oh ok–so it’s not just our family fueding.

Now some of “squad X” are going to try to trademark it. Hahahaha. Someone needs to read up on trademark law so they save their money.

All I can say is WoW.

To be fair to squad X, the person they are trying to get thrown out of the CO position was being kind of being a jerk, in light terms.


The core group of Sg players came back last year after a few years break to get things rolling. The problem was in trying to recruit new players in BE with a squad membership fee and our dismal numbers

Most of the active Sg members playing agreed it was time to part ways rather than to be charged money to be in what is now a squad over seen by mostly horrible players. They are going for more of a social club at this point than an effective squad in any game it seems.

We have since moved on and joined the 23rd on the allied side as a unit. Several of our old members resided there and they have great numbers. I believe this is Easting’s way of telling them to go F themsleves and the horse they rode in on by keeping the squad.

Having been one of the most contributing leaders to Sg’s success, I totally agree with anything Easting wishes. Sg is joke and shouldnt have the name

Our stance isn’t one of opinion, it’s simply our policy. Obviously with such a small namespace for squads, the names are more prestigious. I hope eventually we can give squads longer names. I believe the limit is now 10 chars, and anything longer would be a bit painful.

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