I do not like the smell of burning fiberglass…


In other news…


I’m kinda impressed by how it blew the lower panel cover off:


Am I kidding about the panic attack? Well, on a scale of 1 to 10… I did call my sister…

– Oliver


Certainly can do without things like that happening.

What time of day did it go bang?

My guess right after a shower when it cut on the re-heat the water.

BTW, If I had known posting a looney dogmatic belief would illicit a response, I would have been trying that just to make sure you were still alive. ;)

I wish you good luck on a smooth roll out of this next patch. Also glad you were home and that you place didn’t burn down.

Nothing can kill King Fisher, the number ONE Rat. :-)

Glad to hear you though, I was wondering where you have been the past few month – not too stressed with work I hope.

Good you got it under control.

I still check your blog routinely every morning with a cup of coffee, I hope you get in the mood to write more soon! :-)

Breed: Actually, it woke me up.

Nic: Slowly starting to get back there – the creative juices are thawing. Although, China is just starting stress tests etc which has given me a sudden set of additional challenges to distract me.

Their first set of tests started out real badly, servers crashing every 30-90 minutes… Terrifyingly … familiar. And sadly enough, turned out to be a really ancient bug: under certain conditions, the server could come to the conclusion that everyone was called “”, and all kinds of stuff just goes ahead and assumes that people have valid names.

I tracked down the cause, in data, we shored that up and it has been running lean and mean (and with really nice performance on the hardware they’re using). And I’ve already shored up the entry points that allowed the bad data in in the first place.

One of my favorite parts of this was the payoff of something “naughty” I did — I moved a number of hard-coded SQL statements to stored procedures. Since China are using their own billing/accounting systems, I veered off my scheduled dev track to make sure queries relating to that stuff got moved. And sure enough, one of the problems was SQL related, so by modifying a stored procedure and updating the DB, we had it hot-fixed inside 2 minutes.

Did you ever move out of that crappy apartment complex into some better digs?

Nope – still in the crappy apartment. I have a bunch of moving boxes but … I haven’t quite gotten around to making use of them. I’m getting there tho, slowly reassembling myself… Maybe I’ll move out at the end of this month :)

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