Time Warner Cable: Internet 90’s style.

We’re all familiar with commercial websites that tell you “to order, please call 800-WOT-IS-INTRNT”. Usually they have some kind of online catalog.

Every now and again, you find a site that doesn’t even list what products are available. But, it’s usually some mom & pop company that merely want to ensure their domain is safe.

When it’s a fairly large company, it can be a bit surprising… Especially when that company is your supposedly well-established Internet provider…

In another mind-warping effort to demonstrate they don’t have a clue, TWC have dumbed their website down to a glossy brochure for their company. It gives you the gist of what services they offer, but if you want to know more… It takes you to their “contact us” page.

At least – if you are an existing customer. Is this perhaps a means of saving bandwidth? (Agh – customer! That’s our damn bandwidth they’re using with their stupid online shopping!)

Ok, fair enough. I have an HD TV arriving on Tuesday and my TiVo HD XL already arrived, so I have to order a cablecard, upgrade some services and – while I’m at it, I figure – upgrade my Road Runner from 7Mb to 15Mb with “30Mb speed boost”.

Their automated phone system is like a flashback to last century, and not so near to the end of it either.

Worst shopping experience I’ve had in years. TWC have always had a bad rep, and I’ve always taken it as tounge in cheek.

Now I think people are far too kind when they slag TWC off.


I have TWC and this topic has come up with other TWC mates I know. And we all come to the same conclusion they are “teh suc” for customer support via the web/phone.
I want to upgrade some of my existing services, but I will not, because of their lack of web usability. I guess its how I get to vote with my purchasing power. heh what little effect that has.

part of the reason I like directv….

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