Hi, my name is Frosty…

Oliver discovered me and my brother under a bush with our vigilant mommy watching over us. He kindly brought us into his house

cats 001

And my first action on visiting a house for the first time, will be:

cats 002

“OH MAN, this is SO much better than that grass stuff mommy made us use outside!”

cats 004

“This guy is too tall, I’m gonna go take a giant, wet dump on his brand new expensive sheets.”

cats 006

“Hey there, Mr Human, don’t mind me, you saw me check out the litter tray. I totally know what that’s all about and where I’m supposed to poop, so it’s cool: I’m just gonna go check out the litter-bed, I mean the bed. I’ll brb! Hey, let me past, I’m in a rush, this egg ain’t gonna hatch itself!”

In other news, 46in Sony Aquos arrived and so did my new camera…


Am I misremembering, or don’t you already have a cat?

If so, how is the introducing n0obs into the household going? I had a very stressful few months when I did it.

Baby is not happy.

But that could easily be because lil’ momma meows continuously – even while she’s eating and drinking. Meow. Meow. Meow meow meow. Meow. . Mewmewmewmewmewmew meow. Meow. meow.

I almost suspect she’s forgotten how to breathe without meowing.

I think she wants to get her kitties away again. But they’re not safe out there :(

And the kitties are pretty happy here. Some of baby’s old toys are earning their weight in gold. Frosty likes to chase the bit of plastic that replaced the bird-on-a-pole in circles around its stand, while Blacky is slowly getting the hang of chasing the ball around its groove on another old toy. There are some other bits of boxing and stuff I’ve put down that they love climbing all over and inside, they have plenty of room to play and chase each other, hiding under the sofa and the lazy boy and the side table and stuff; and they’re awesome about using the litter tray.

The only thing that seems to bother them is mom and her non-stop meowing. They’re ignoring her now =(

I gave them some tuna and they thought it was awesome their tails went supersonic, hehe.

They played while I was doing server maintenance earlier and by the time it was done, they were sitting over by their box, and now they’re asleep again :)

PS: Lil’ momma says: Meow.

So you’ve got four cats now? Baby, lil’ momma, frosty and blacky?

Can you teach Frosty to stay?

It may be that li’l momma had more than 2 kittens and she’s calling for them. Have you checked? Under a bush isn’t what I’d think of as a common den, and she may have been in the process of moving kittens from one place to another.

Get ’em to the vet ASAP!

Hope your apartment managers don’t count well.

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