Last couple of weeks have been fairly brutal for me. Last week in particular, I had to switch timezones – more-or-less – to provide our Chinese partner with some support for stress tests. First impression was scary, but it was quickly resolved as a data issue and we got them up and running. Then there was the fire and stuff. And somewhere over last weekend I got a bug or something that had me running a mild fever, which kept me from sleeping because every place I tried to get comfortable became unbearably hot after a few seconds.

So, not the best time for me to take in kittens. Especially since mommy started meowing back-to-back, non-stop, apart from when she’s asleep or I was petting her.

The TV arriving should have been a nice little injection of quality of life, but I didn’t even get chance to use it. And when I did, TWC was only sending my SD channels. Sigh.

I finally managed to take an actual day off on Friday. Chilled with the kittens, found out that I had a cable deal that specifically omitted HD (oops), got that sorted and swapped Showtime for HBO: I’m never watched ShowTime – I’d even forgotten I had it.

So I managed to record some HD shows on my TiVo and watch them on my Sony Aquos 46in. The kittens came and napped on me while I watched Dino shows from NGC and Apollo 13. God that was awesome :)

Played some games and demos on the 360 – Brutal Legend was fun, but I can’t stand first person shooters on consoles and fight night 4 just didn’t do anything for me (surprising given how much I enjoyed 3). Gonna spend more time playing with the kittens I think.

Lil’ momma … Well, I’ve stopped letting her in. She meows inside and outside, whether the door is open or closed. So she can stay outside. She seems to be getting fed. And she’s spending longer and longer away. I let the kittens out to see her, but she and baby don’t get on. Baby is starting to show a tiny fraction of tolerance for the kitties. All 3 ate some ham out of the same bowl for a while, but after a minute or two Baby retreated. She’s stopped swiping at them now.

She’s been pretty ill the last few days, I was getting ready to take her to the vet tomorrow afternoon. But she started eating again yesterday. I think it may have been having lil’ momma around stressing her out. Still, I need to get the kitties to the vet some time this week, have ’em checked and spayed.

Frosty is full of energy while Sooty tends to get tired faster. Gonna get them some more toys this week too. And I’m gonna get an automatic litter tray for them. Baby won’t have anything to do with it but I could use a little less kitty-poop smell ;)


I still think what you have there is a mother seperated from kittens…either the ones you have inside, or the ones left outside somewhere.

Quite possible — although I’ve checked thoroughly and the people who had been putting food and stuff out for them are all sure there were only 2 kitties.

When she was still coming inside, I noticed that if I went to pet her or anything, she rolled onto her side and lifted her paws up – as though presenting her belly. So I tried rubbing her belly and noticed it was a bit swollen – I’m guessing she had runts that didn’t make it, possibly one or two that people took, and that she’s been overproducing milk.

But she also wasn’t allowing the kittens to suckle anymore, perhaps it was hurting I dunno. Anyway, the last few times she would move off the moment they tried to.

She’s stopped by a couple of times today but I’ve been busy so I haven’t taken the kittens out to see her, and she didn’t stay for very long. I’m putting some water out to make sure she gets clean water, but I’m not feeding her any more now – there’s a few people who’ve said they might take her in, and John has said he might take her in and/or try to find a home for her, so I’m doing just enough to keep her around without keeping her /here/, and trying to ween her off the kittens.

I’ve only once seen any sign in the kittens of wondering where she was, and they seem to be slowly getting a little more aware of Baby (i.e. they don’t try to charge or ambush her any more, but she also doesn’t swat at them – she’s still growling around them but that’s ok … and the fact she ate from the same bowl with them is leaps and bounds, in Baby terms)

If you have showtime i highly recommend watching Dexter and Californication. These two shows are really good, especially from what i have seen and heard. I just spent the entire weekend going through 24 one hour episodes.

That’s alot of TV.

P.S. do you plan on keeping all of the kittens?

Automatic litter trays blow. Just keep on top of it every day and pray you don’t get a cat like my old one (he hated when you cleaned his litter box and would refuse to use it if it didn’t have poop in it somewhere). Yes, I had to ADD poop to a clean litter box to get my cat to use it.

Add poo? Oh heck no! I would remove cat.

John MacQueen? With a cat? To like…take care of? Oh jeebuz lord mercy. :P

Killer took a dog in a while ago, and he just took another in this Sunday. He brought her by the office today and – hell – even a cat-guy like myself is envious. She’s a fantastic dog.

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