$85 for a 1000Gb drive from NewEgg.

$135 for a 120Gb drive from Microsoft.

If it was $150 for a 500Gb drive, that would make sense. But 120Gb?

What they don’t tell you is that it includes a transfer kit. Ok, so that adds maybe $20-$30.

But presumably the drives themselves are obsolete by today’s standards, hiking the price up. I mean, that has to be it? Cause Microsoft aren’t daft enough to sell a poxy hard drive upgrade for close to half the price of a PS3 complete with 120Gb drive – are they?


You didn’t know that the money in consoles is all in the peripherals? Game royalties and hardware sales are chump change!

About a year ago I upgraded my ps3 with a 500gb for about $150 and partition for a dual boot linux distro, which I never did finish. So upgrading to a larger HDD not an option?

Lot of money for a 120GB Sata drive.All the Western Dig drives are around £25.

Quick google search shows buying the same drive and using microsofts firware on it. Whether it’s worth it for the $80 saving depends on how you view things,


I love the Sex-Box, but yeah, the hard drive upgrade is a scam. I think I only have 20GB drive on mine.

They would garnish kudos from across the gaming world if they would be a little more reasonable.

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