Microsoft hate

When they released Vista, I thought it was sucky and advised people not to buy it. Clearly the only possibility is that I hate Microsoft. Anything Microsoft does I’m going to spout bile about – and then probably pirate it anyway. It’s not like you’ll find me loving the free Win7 releases so much that I pre-ordered the release 3 months ago.



My biggest hopes for Windows 7 are that (a) I’m not going to have to reinstall everything over my RC1 :), (b) it drives down the cost of touch screens… :) And that short list is brought to you by RC1 meeting my needs and expectations and making me one very happy customer.

(Note: That is my own, personal, pre-ordered copy of Win7 arrived today from Amazon)


The question remains, how does BE play on it. Any issues?

I’m jealous! Mine is not here yet!

I only say one thing: MSDN Academic Alliance :D

Be plays fine. (Might have to set it to vista compatibility otherwise mouse doesn’t work on boot up).

I am running W7 64 bit and I must say I think it’s pretty damn good. I was still on XP – avoided the dodgy vista bandwagon but do really like this one.

I run a Mac Support company and love macs and there is a bit of mac in this OS and a much more logical layout. The OS is a little more intuative and some of the tedious routes you used to have to take are now gone and layed out nearer top level.

I would say from a GUI pov it is the best they have done.

Some devices and apps need to go W7 still or have drivers produced but pretty much everything is working well so far for me without a huge amount of trouble.

Thumbs up from me and once we get the first service pack and updated drivers then it will be complete.

64bit W7 is the way forward next year for anyone even condsidering an upgrade.

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