Thank you, Sms :)

From the very bottom of my bottle (hic), and hish 19 liddle friends…

Photo 5

(See this post)


For those of you sad enough to want to know…

The “kfs” in “kfsone” is from “KingFisher Software”, a name which isn’t exactly mine: I started working on an Atari game with some friends who wrote under the name “Kingfisher Software” (they wrote Canvas and Hot Wheels and Duck Dash, Canvas was their only commercial release).

When I started rewriting the game on the Amiga, I wanted something that would give me a short acronym, so I went by “KFS” (KingFisher Software). I know that Kingfisher is one word, but it was more a case of my liking the initials “KFS” and using that name to justify it than basing my name on a typo…

Besides: McDonalds is one word too ;-P :)

You’re welcome,
I must admit I got worried when I saw that KILLER had signed for them,
he and DOC could probably down those beers in less than 5 minutes,
but they must really respect you. :)

What’s the “one” in “kfsone” from then?

Oh and, by the way, you look like you’ve just been let out of a concentration camp, not counting the beer of course.

The ‘one’ is from a lack of creativity :)

Gyroscope :)

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