(Which reminds me, where the hell is my new StarWars MMO, already, Nicolai?)

Yes, I got a Droid phone.

I’m not a gadget geek, really; I lost interest in cell phones at least 15 years ago. But my Samsung SGH-A717 was an annoying PoC. I knew nothing about Android, I’ve only seen one iPhone. I was cussing out my old phone and a Droid ad was on the TV – the only one I’ve seen – and I just thought “Ok, I’m getting one of those”.

It’s somewhat wasted on me. The App Store annoys me pretty much in principle. I’d never buy an iPhone because there’s an app for that. I don’t want a billion itty bitty farty little piddly things with a random and disputably “integrated”. I don’t dislike the concept of apps and widgets, I dislike every implementation of them so far.

And games … I suspect I’m biased,  knowing that they’re written in Java – the less analytical side of myself just wants to claim that all cell phone games suck because they’re written in Java. But I just haven’t met a cellphone game that didn’t make despair of the electrons I was wasting.

I took to using the droid fairly easily, scrolling up/down took a little getting used to; you have to teach yourself to ignore the scroll bar otherwise you gesture the wrong way. Slowly picking up efficiency using it.

My experience so far has largely been positive, marred mostly by my lousy wireless router at home – I was about ready to return the thing until I, uhm, borrowed some unsecured wifi connectivity and discovered that a decent router will let the thing really cruise.

But I’ve also had glitches. I dislike the fact that when it syncs my visual voice mail, it disconnects my WiFi connection. Half way thru uploading a youtube video? Sucks to be you. At least you don’t have any waiting voice mail.

Numerous apps – especially the browser – have locked up. Occasionally, “stuff happens”; I suspect I’m touching edges of the screen or something – I dunno – but one time I was browsing the web and it suddenly popped up a media playing playing the “ring ring” mp3 someone provided me for my Samsung.

Battery life seems a bit short. I’ll have to work on that. Right now I’m getting less than a day’s worth of charge out of the battery.

I’ve tried out a few apps but I most definitely don’t have the “App Bug”; just with the basic setup there are already so many missing routes to doing things… For instance, there’s no obvious way to take a picture and then send it to a contact. If you try to send it via messaging, well the messaging app assumes if you don’t have a contact selected, that you’re going to type in their number. UGH.

If you press-and-hold on a phone number in the web browser, it provides you the option to “add a contact”, which takes you to the contacts list; if you think to find and click “Add New Contact” at the top of the list, then the phone number will be carried across … but why didn’t it just take you to the add new contact page?

I’ve also experienced what appears to be a fairly common problem with the Moto-Droid… I went to play with the phone earlier and discovered I’d had a bunch of missed calls. Oops. Wait: Missed call 5 minutes ago? I had the phone in my hand 5 minutes ago. What the heck?

Apparently, the phone can get into a state where you can’t hear it ringing – it stops sending sound to the loud speaker and you can only hear sounds if you put the phone to your ear. Grr. Current fix is to power the phone off (hold down the lock button) and on again.


Still… some guy ported scummvm so I can play day of the tentacle and sam and max on the phone and they work surprisingly good with a touchscreen (and a pretty small one at that since it’s a cell phone).

got the HTC Hero myself, not sure what it’s called in the states. That does annoy me, when they have different names for the phones depending on what part of the world you live in.

Other than that I’m pretty happy with android and even if you don’t like java it’s easy to develop stuff for it. Tried doing some stuff for my old w880i but j2me is horrible, now we got pretty much j2se.

I have the T-Mobile version > The Cliq. For some reason the battery life almost doubles if you turn the phone off and charge via AC adapter. Leaving the phone on while charging seems to not charge properly or using the USB to charge.

My favorite app is My Tracks, I do a lot of mountain biking and its a nice GPS tracking app. I also like Color Note, Inclinometer, Google Sky Map, Wapedia.

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