Steering wheel laptop desk … huge seller

Follow thru to Amazon page after reading for full effect


The customer reviews are great reasing :)

So funny that while reading them I several times burst out laughing and spewed rum and coke all over both my computer screen and windshield.

Thanks steering wheel laptop desk!


You are kidding. Firstly reading the cheesy reviews and tongue in cheeck I was looking for a zombo or fake link.

It does seem to be an actual product you can buy but I still find it incredulous anyone would.

How utterly amusing and worst thing is I bet it is used whilst driving for all sorts.

I would say only in America but we Brits have some crackpot gizmos and ideas.

Nice find KFS

My favorite review:

Do you have any idea how hard it is to read Braille books while driving? Every time I’d hit something my book would slide off my lap onto the floor and I’d lose my place. Problem solved…Thanks Laptop Steering Wheel Desk.

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