Cold fries kill coder…

Bought a big and tasty with fries and ice coffee last night, mostly for the coffee… When I mentioned it was for to-go the server calmly transferred my food from the nice, thick brown paper bag to a flimsy plastic one. So by the time I got it home it was cold.

It turns out that cold McFries are… stabby. Especially if you eat them too quickly, trying to get it over with…

After a couple of minutes I started to feel bloated and that quickly became a sharp, piercing sensation I first thought was indigestion.

Some advice on expelling sharp food items from your esophagus: don’t wait until your dearest wish is to lie face down in the tub and vomit up your feet; alternate between gulping air and swallowing lukewarm water to avoid additional bleeding (if you’ve already waited too long, like a dumbass)


You are possessed of an amazingly delicate constitution.


you’re not dead arn’t you?

It’s just a flesh wound. ;)

This has not been a good year.

been there
done that
not fun – throat felt raw for the next two weeks

The air + warm water trick was a life saver; the problem is the food became … lodged, which mean’t that trying to make it go in reverse became very, very unpleasant, and probably dangerous.

Watch out for fever or continuing pain, indicative of infection.

Did you put the result on

Man, you ain’t having a great time of it the 2nd half of this year. I hope 2010 turn out to be a MUCH better year for you.

Here’s hoping you have a nice, none eventful Christmas.

!S MW.

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