Hey Ramp, I need a favor…

Just making a mental note to ask him as soon as he gets in :) I’m going to get with Rafter and Motor later about making a better capture-oriented video, one that makes a bit more sense in terms of the team effort that’s actually behind it. And I need a little something from Ramp in order to do it.

It’s nice to finally have my coding-foo back again. I got my head around the SSE instruction set (well, ok: I still don’t really get shuffle). And I might finally get around to re-implementing non-temporal write operations in some of the cell host vis-list management systems because I no-longer have to do any of my development/testing on a non-SSE boxes.

Every update, the cell builds a big list of all the vehicles that might be in your vis list and then double-checks that against your previous vis-list (sort of; don’t ask). I need to figure out the optimal ordering for re-ordering the sequence of events to try and reduce as many cache evictions during the process as possible.


So you were still coding for old CPUs..

Problem is, where are you going to cut it.. SSE1, SSE2, SSE3,… and, what about alternate code paths, are you going to consider 3DNow! or are you going to make Amd CPUs go slower because of this?

I am happy to code for old unix machines.. just plain code and no optimizations (hey, nobody pays us for it, wrong SLAs..)

Anyway, I guess that it is going to really improve things a lot if you can make a better code for this.. as these things are really what put the bottlenecks in our machines: when we have lots of players around, otherwise we get 60-100FPS at least and that with old machines..

We’re talking server side :) So I’m programming for specific hardware.

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