Farewell, MySQL

There was all kinds of speculation about whether or not Oracle’s purchase of Sun – and thus MySQL – would mark the end of the era of free MySQL…

Well, in just the last week or two it seems that MySQL Community Edition has dropped off MySQL’s site. It had done soonce, briefly,  in an earlier reshuffle a couple of years ago but came back, so I’ve spent the last 40 minutes searching around their site trying to find it.

It’s gone.

It’s not on the front page…

It’s not under “Products”

It certainly isn’t under “Enterprise” anywhere

And it’s not under “Why MySQL”

Could this be why?

If you want MySQL Community edition, you’re going to have to head to their “developer” site, http://dev.mysql.com/. So it’s not quite dead yet.

Wonder if it’ll come back when they stop getting 65,000 downloads a day because people can’t find the link, and go to Postgres/SQLite instead?

Star Trek Online

This is a game with a unique quality: It’s fun to play, but easy to log out – without that never wanting to log in again part.

As a bit of a trekkie – it provides a nice alternative to watching reruns of TNG and DS9. It’s not an especially good single player game, but it is neat when you team up with other players.

The ground combat: reminds me of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (blended with Brothers in Arms when you are solo). The space combat: more aracdey than Eve, by far, but plenty of fun.

The PvP has a lot of potential but right now… It feels like a shoebox engine doing MMO PvP. The server arbitrates everything, down to positions, so you see “first person lag” – e.g. your character leaps back 10 feet and smacks into a wall instead of ducking into cover like you were doing on your display, and you get all kinds of glitching that results from it.  It actually makes me a little more appreciative of how relatively smooth our update system is given that we are a centralized-server PvP system too.

They also don’t have any of the fundamental shoe-box PvP stuff in place beyond queues. Once an instance starts, it starts. Which means invariably one side gets into place first, and enemy #1 dies 6:1 and leaves the map. Now its unbalanced, and it rapidly dwindles to to 10:1.

If they put some standard balance mechanics around the PvP instances, it would be quite fun.