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Cool vid. Has an Infinity feel about it. Not sure what all the colours on the galactic zoom are supposed to represent, if anything.

Reading all the comments on the vid on YooToob makes me want to cry.


Laccy: Did you mean on the galaxy survey scale with all the dots? Those are probably different types of galaxies. On the largest scales, the colors represent the tiny changes in temperature of the microwave background leftover from the Big Bang. On the scale of our galaxy, the colors are about real, reddish are either older stars or regions obscured by interstellar dust (in the midplane of the galaxy).

We really are insignificant lil critters running around on this grain of sand called Planet Earth.

I haven’t read any of the comments on the youtube page. But I suspect a lot of people notice how the video appears to make the earth the center of the universe — because they don’t read the first screen :) It’s “how far we’ve seen”, and so far we haven’t seen to the actual edges of the universe, therefore our view is still equal in all directions :)

Way to make me feel even more insignificant…

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