I bet this doesn’t make the release patch notes :)

– NetCode2 will now authenticate players instantly rather than hanging
around waiting 10-20ms to do it;
– NetCode2 will now send players their vehicle updates instantly rather
than thinking about it for ~10ms;
– Game servers will no-longer consider you to be loosing packets just
because your connection isn’t as fast as their gigabit ethernet. This
should make the NetCode2 packet loss gauge more accurate (and cause
NetCode2 to use less CPU and less warping/lag).
– Due to recent shortages of RAM, NetCode2 will no-longer use an
additional 1Mb of RAM each time it formats the current packet loss
%age for display. Please don’t return the extra RAM you just bought,
I’m sure we’ll find something else to use it for :)
– Fixed an issue where, after two servers had to reset the connection
between themselves, they would substitute meaningful data (such as
the list of weapons at your facility) with the words “DONT PANIC”.
As good as this advice was, it caused Really Weird Things(TM) to
happen and was not the desired behavior.

It’s been a long day.