A little less pain while I upgrade please…

I’ve never heard of anyone choosing to save money by buying a new car without the interior (seats, dash, steering wheel) or plumbing, and just moving over the ones from their old car.

But that’s what we so often do when we upgrade our hardware… And right now I am doing my two office PCs and my home Win7 box. I’d really only just about gotten done installing my stuff¬†onto it.

Fortunately, Dana put me onto something that can take a huge chunk out of the headache: http://www.ninite.com/

And below, some notes from my migrations…

Transferring Putty settings

Ever tried to migrate your Putty settings from one system to another? It turns out it’s a one-liner. At the Start > Run or “Search Programs and Files” input box, simply paste:

regedit.exe /E "%UserProfile%\Desktop\putty-settings.reg" "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham"

For some reason, under XP, doing it from the Run prompt mean’t fiddling with case, whereas doing it from a DOS command prompt didn’t care about case (“%UsErPrOfIlE%” and “%USERprofile% and “%userprofile%” all worked, and so did “/e”).

Smith’s Law

Moore’s Law: the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit would increase by 200% (double) every two years.

Smith’s Law: the number of transistors required to run any given software product increases by 205% every two years.