OMG It’s huge!!!11!.-

Bought an Asus 27in monitor and had it shipped to work – I figured I’d see how it was for my Windows + vLinux box.

First problem: The Asus monitor comes with a DVI->HDMI connector, but in a stroke of genius, the Asus engineers decided not to let you access the On Screen Display (OSD) – ┬áto, say, select input source – while the current input has no signal.

Second problem: Not enough room on the desk. I think I’m going to swap it for the 24in I have here at home. I suspect it weighs more than this one, which means I’ll have to find a replacement stand – I don’t think the box my Xbox 360 came in will take the weight of the 27in.

Aside from the input-select issue, it’s a pretty nice monitor. Very bright: The first time Ramp walked into my office with it switched on he said “It’s like a freaking sun”. It only does 1920×1080, whereas my 24in will do 1920×1200, but then 1920×1200 seems to be a bad selection for frapsing and my 3Ghz i7/GeForce 285 home system runs games noticeably better at 1920×1080 than it does x1200.