“dba” v0.2


Version 0.2  2010/03/01 [ Status:: MySQL: working; SQLite: working ]
  1. Completed a number of incomplete functions.
  2. Brought the SQLite interface up to working status.
  3. Some convenience functions (variadic constructors).
  4. Fixed numerous bugs.
  5. Significantly bolstered “main.cpp”

  • Added variadic ResultSet snprintf-based constructor:
    • ResultSet rs(Connection&, const char* format, size_t maxStatementLen, …) ;
  • Replaced ‘report’ parameter in ‘Connect’ with ‘flags’.
  • Added static DefaultFlags() member to MySQLConnection and SQLite Connection.
  • Added DBA_DEFAULT_FLAGS_<dbname> optional define for specifying custom defaults.
  • Added “driver” field to Credentials (for SQLite vfs support)
  • Added bool HasAccurateRowCount() member to Connection classes
  • Added SQLite friendly constructor for credentials:
    • Credentials creds(“databasename”) ;
    • (May seem excessive, but may allow for encrypted databases later)
  • Improved main.cpp (primarily a functionality testing module):
    • Default is to run quietly with an success status,
    • “-v” argument invokes verbose output,
    • Only outputs errors on failure or if -v is specified,
    • Tests all supported database modules with the same code
      (I started writing a seprate SQLite test routine; this IS supposed to be an abstraction API after all!)


Looks nice !

Thanks :) I’m hoping to get some criticism / feedback / requests :)

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