“dba” 0.2.1

Nothing special, added “install” targets to the CMake-generated Makefiles.



From main.cpp:
// Make sure what we got back looks sensible.
ATTEMPT( indexedValue != NULL && strcmp(indexedValue, “42”) == 0 ) ;

Ermm, lets see if I understood that right, I have not to much experience with cpp.

1. Is an empty database field == NULL? If yes this would mean you cant return something like (‘1’, ”, ‘2’).

2. Why is 42 forbidden?

Attempt fails if any of the conditions aren’t true, and “strcmp” is a little weird in that a successful strcmp returns 0, a value that is ordinary considered false.


ATTEMPT( indexedValue != NULL )

checks that the value *isn’t* null — if it was, it would cause strcmp to crash.

ATTEMPT( strcmp(indexedValue, “42”) == 0 )

means check that what’s in indexedValue matches the string “42” :)

told you, “42” is the answer to all questions!

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