Intel Parallel Studio


My favorite part of the overview video at the top is the “Parallel Composer” part, specifically where he shows us some menu items.

Uhm; wait a second… Parallel “Composer”… Appears to be The Intel Parallel Compiler Professional, which also includes the Thread Building Blocks and IPP libraries… And, uh, also come with what is badged here as “Parallel Inspector”.

Infact, so far as I can tell, the only difference between buying “Parallel Studio” and Intel Parallel Compiler is that the Parallel Composer version comes with Parallel Amplifier (which sounds like it might be v-tune).

Their naming bothers me immensely, it is outrageously false advertising:

“Parallel Studio” is no such thing, it is a set of tools that requires a framework – Visual Studio – off which to operate. That’s like calling “pong” a “complete disk based operating system” because when you go to save your high score it pops up a file system dialog.

But “Parallel Composer” is absolutely out there. There is not one single element of the product set that assists in the composition of code. Compilation, error reporting, etc, etc, are all post-composition.

The way they market the product, you expect something that will at the very least provide tool-tips or code snippets or macros inside Visual Studio. Nope: Nada.

“Intel Compiler & Parallel Analysis Suite” is what it should be called.

I mean, c’mon: they have clearly named it “Studio” to make a customer-connection with Visual Studio, right? But their pricing does not include Visual Studio. And as I already said – if you don’t have Visual Studio, there is no Studio. There is no editor, no means to create the source code. You could use Notepad, but Intel didn’t supply that either.

What’s the US equivalent of the ASA?


“What’s the US equivalent of the ASA?”

That would be the FTC.

u gonna sue Intel?

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