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Terminology #3 (recap)

I wanted to recap with the current terms people have suggested that work for me:

“Diversionary Action” (was Off-side Action)
A formalized action away from Attack Objectives.
A player grouping below brigades, with stylized names: Alpha Company, Bravo Company etc;
“Call Up” (was Open)
To register a company so that it is visible to players to join
“Mobilize” (was Activate)
“Mobilized” (was Active)
To achieve pre-requisites that enable spawning and application of the Company.
“Blockade”  (was Neutralize)
Non-capture goal of an Off-side Action which causes an effect such as displacement of brigades.
One or more players of an Active company has reached the objective and begun the “Blockade” counter.
“Fully Engaged”
A town with one or more Company from each side Engaged.
“War Bond” (was Token)
A virtual unit of currency with finite availability.

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