Terminology #3 (recap)

I wanted to recap with the current terms people have suggested that work for me:

“Diversionary Action” (was Off-side Action)
A formalized action away from Attack Objectives.
A player grouping below brigades, with stylized names: Alpha Company, Bravo Company etc;
“Call Up” (was Open)
To register a company so that it is visible to players to join
“Mobilize” (was Activate)
“Mobilized” (was Active)
To achieve pre-requisites that enable spawning and application of the Company.
“Blockade”  (was Neutralize)
Non-capture goal of an Off-side Action which causes an effect such as displacement of brigades.
One or more players of an Active company has reached the objective and begun the “Blockade” counter.
“Fully Engaged”
A town with one or more Company from each side Engaged.
“War Bond” (was Token)
A virtual unit of currency with finite availability.


Do these translate well to Chinese?

Does my foot translate well to your rear?

Diversionary action meh. Gotta be something better….putting on my thinking cap.

Blockade bothers me. Sounds like a navy mission.

I like secure instead of blockade.

Well, we could just go ahead and call it a “Squad Operation”, “Denial Action”, “Displacement”, “Routing Action” (fail on that last, since you’re not routing the units there in the sense of back to training)…

Combat Patrol? Scouting? Knowing Forward Situation?

The problem with “Secure” is that – you can’t have it either. It has to be something that doesn’t suggest anything beyond your evicting the enemy.

Sacking Raid :) Holding Attack? Ooo: Chevauchée? Or something that implies “harrasment”. Hmm.

Well what you’re doing is probing the enemy for possible weaknesses. Although give our community I don’t think Probing is something you’d want to use for a name! ;)

What these missions realy are is either a Diversionary Attack, ie to draw defenders away from your main attack (the AO’s), or a Combat Patrol/Recon Patrol.

If the ONLY players that could join one of these missions where players within the squad that started it, then you could call it a squad mission. If anyone from outside the starting squad can joing then it realy isn’t a Squad Mission, it’s just like any onther mission, thus not a good choice for a name.

Maybe just call them Actions?

“Blockade” more often is used to describe naval actions. The land term more often, and more broadly, is “interdiction”, or “interdict”. Interdiction’s historical uses encompass lots of tactical approaches that you aren’t developing yet, but may someday. (Mines, visual supply traffic, artillery, etc.)

Regarding the token-term…the implication of using a money-related expression like “war bonds” is that the squad is paying CRS. I’m not sure that works to your psychological advantage. The concept could be changed to one in which the squad is “allocating its supplies” to a particular plan or action. Then the token becomes a Basic Supply Load, or somesuch, and the token-usage doesn’t go to CRS, it’s just used up.


srsly tho I like Squad operation….

Combat Patrol
Recon in Force
Holding attack
Diversionary attack
Probing action
Recon Probe

Oh Hai from my new blog http://comstarww2ol.blogspot.com/

In my thinking, only players in squads can join them – no-squad-no-join. Again: I am not trying to benefit out-and-out lone wolves. I realize that we have had some epic team players who weren’t in squads; but that means they would probably be working with the HCs/AOs anyway.

The root concept here is to try and balance the “something else” impulse with the “something useful” demand without making it onerous. HCs get no say at all in where these guys go, they can go wherever they like. But the duration of the effect is short enough that co-operation could only add to the buzz of success.

Good point on the war bonds anfiach. That’s why I prefer something like “merrits” or “chits” or something like that (“chits” works well?) How about “Quartermaster Chits”? And there is a “Side Pool” and a “Squad Chest” containing your chits. The concept being that you bribe a quartermaster to let you go do an op.

We could call them “Reckie Ops”. They’re reckon operations with a chance to displace enemy scouts.

Isn’t “reckie”/”reckon” an obsolete form in British and Australian military use? Certainly in US usage and I think Canadian, the slang terms would be “recce” or more likely “recon”, short for “reconnaissance”, or the verb form “reconnoiter”.

As to “chits” and “probes”…I’d think they’d each cause the same problems. 8^)

If your mission is recon, how would you interdict, and thereby displace, an enemy brigade? Unless it’s a “recon in force”, but that doesn’t sound like a secondary or diversionary op.

No, “reckie” is a typo ;)

Company Level Objective

CLO, because the game needs another three letter acronym :)

Now I can continue my kampaign for Korpsgeist! Muahahaha!

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