Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.4) is here

Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx) the “Long Term Stable” release (LTS) went gold today. And I’m really taken with it.

Ever been curious about Linux but figured it as too much hassle? Or got as far as looking at screenshots and fell about laughing?

Don’t be scared of giving Ubuntu a try, the Lucid Lynx proactively likes to strut its stuff…

Live CD

If you download and burn the CD installer, it will default to booting up in “Live CD” mode. About a minute after booting the CD, you’ll have an all-features Linux Desktop running on your system without touching your hard disk. Remove the CD and reboot, and all traces of it are gone.

Any files you download/internet history/changes you make are held in RAM only, so once you reboot, they’re gone. You can mount your Windows disks if you want; or you can access a USB drive if you want to save stuff permanently.


Ubuntu has an (optional) Windows-based installer called Wubi. The really great thing about trying Ubuntu this way is that — should you decide it’s not for you … Just boot back into Windows and use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall it!


Several Virtualization platforms, including VMware (free VMware Player), Parallels and Sun’s (free) Virtual Box are Ubuntu-smart: when they see they you’re booting a new Virtual Machine from a Ubuntu image/CD, they’ll pretty much answer all the installer’s questions for you, install their performance-enhancing tools, and finally present you with a sweet operating system in a box.

Technology Review Agrees

Multicore Processors create software headaches.

I guess my recent post was timely :)


Frankly, I was done with that show until “Human”;

‘BBC’ uses apostrophes more than I do


Must have iPad NAOW.

1.31 server development

I’ve been embattled with the Update System for the last several weeks. Whenever I manage to finally pick my way thru the spaghetti enough to be emboldened into making an actual change, I roll it onto the test cluster only to discover I missed some bolognaise.

What I really need to do is implement the grid system I’ve been talking about since 1.24. Or rather, implement one of the two I’ve written…

What I need to do …

… is make one of these with 1.31. Especially given the time travel reference :)

Threading Building Blocks intro

I put together a short video walkthru creating a skeleton Visual Studio 2008 project with Intel’s Threading Building Blocks that introduces the basics of using Threading Building Blocks and compares performance of serial and parallel sort.

If you’re going to add more CPU cores…

… then it needs to be easier to drive them.

I suspect it’s the age old feud between hardware and software guys.

WoW account safer than credit card…

Blizzard offer World of Warcraft players two choices for an additional layer of security. There is the Blizzard Authenticator and the Blizzard Mobile Authenticator. I have the former.

So here’s a question for you. How come we don’t have this built into our credit/debit cards somehow?

Verified by Visa seems to have gotten dropped… Because it asks you to type in a static password, so thieves just copied the pages and snagged the passwords :).

I’d sure as hell spend an extra $10 to have a dynamic PIN built into my CC.