CD no likey

Consider yourself warned: If you’re going to have piles of blank DVDs lying around, and you go and insert a non-lightscribe disk, don’t be surprised when your PC will no-longer be able to eject the disk. At least, not if the drive is an ASUS.

I rarely use the burner, occasionally I back up my files, but mostly I burn Linux images. I was burning Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.4b1 64 bit images, and I wanted nice labels… Alas, I pulled the image from the wrong pile. When it turned out I couldn’t eject the disk under Linux or Windows, I finally realized that the pile I was pulling from predate my getting a LightScribe drive (other piles match various other burners I’ve had in the past; one day I’ll learn not to buy 20 blanks at a time, since I never use more than 4-5 before I get a new burner).

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