Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.4) beta 1 – as a programmer

Ubuntu has a convention of naming each release after an animal, alphabetically. 9.04 was “Jaunty Jackalope”, 9.10 was “Karmic Koala” and 10.4 is “Lucid Lynx”.

Let me say first: 10.4 is in beta at this time, with patches and updates rolling out regularly. They’ve gone into feature freeze and are focused on bug fixes at this time.

But off the bat, my comments just a day or two ago about how Ubuntu still looked like a Linux lost a lot of their weight with 10.4. The anonymous gray dialogs, like the “authorize this activity” still need polish, but the desktop itself has begun to look sexy.

That was stupid…

Elated by how easily Ubuntu had installed itself onto a hard disk with the boot loader on the flash drive (so, remove the Flash drive and no sign of the Ubuntu install), I decided to give the new Ubuntu 10.4 beta 1 (64bit) a whirl.

<insert ‘Installing…’ elevator music>

no such device
grub recovery> help
Unknown command, ‘help’
grub recovery> ?
Unknown command, ‘?’
grub recovery> boot
Unknown command, ‘boot’

So I unplug the USB drive and reboot

no such device
grub recovery> bugger
Unknown command, ‘bugger’

I reran the Ubuntu installer, and this time I went into “Live” mode and applied most of the updates waiting to be installed. Then I installed it normally onto the hard drive, with no USB fiddling. I can live with having to select my OS at boot via Grub, I just wanted to avoid it.

Both Ubuntu and Windows appear to be booting fine after that. Shame :(