That was stupid…

Elated by how easily Ubuntu had installed itself onto a hard disk with the boot loader on the flash drive (so, remove the Flash drive and no sign of the Ubuntu install), I decided to give the new Ubuntu 10.4 beta 1 (64bit) a whirl.

<insert ‘Installing…’ elevator music>

no such device
grub recovery> help
Unknown command, ‘help’
grub recovery> ?
Unknown command, ‘?’
grub recovery> boot
Unknown command, ‘boot’

So I unplug the USB drive and reboot

no such device
grub recovery> bugger
Unknown command, ‘bugger’

I reran the Ubuntu installer, and this time I went into “Live” mode and applied most of the updates waiting to be installed. Then I installed it normally onto the hard drive, with no USB fiddling. I can live with having to select my OS at boot via Grub, I just wanted to avoid it.

Both Ubuntu and Windows appear to be booting fine after that. Shame :(

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