Ubuntu has me.

I’ve not really been using the computer for much other than work lately. I’m no less fond of Windows 7, but I’ve gotten quite comfortable working under Ubuntu 10.4. Every now and again I give myself fits of laughter by looking at the list of “games”. It’s like a flash back to the stuff you used to download from wuarchive when you were looking for stuff that would fit in the last couple hundred Kb of a floppy before you left work.

I haven’t really stretched Ubuntu’s legs; but usually Linuxes have managed to get me pining for Windows again by now. It could all just be down to the insanely fast boot speed of my SSD, and the resulting va-va-voom of everything else. Which is hardly fair on Windows 7 since it’s on the old disk.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to put Win 7 on the remaining 12Gb of space on my SSD just to see what that does for me :)

After that, I have to knuckle down and crank some seriously optimized new cell host code. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, I say that; the current implementation is a tragic case of code optimized for 2001 hardware that uses every 2010-hardware optimization defeating strategy in the book :( In-place ordered linked-list insertions and deletions being amongst the worst :(


12 GB enough for Win 7? Seems a bit small…

No, after installation of the OS, there was 3.3Gb left. After installing updates, there was 1.1Gb left, lol.

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