Please give up on Tablet PCs – for now.

Tablet format is suited to a lot of things, but it’s really not suited to what we think of today as a “PC”.

What they are suited to is computationally intense display systems. Things like web-browsing, document reading, music and video playback, etc. Maybe tweeting.

But as a display gets larger, it becomes less and less useful to have an on-screen keyboard (unless you’re going to consider using haptic feedback to help touch-typists figure out where the keyboard is).

Start with the premise: This is not your personal computer, this is an interactive display. Focus on and develop those aspects, and then worry about adding a virtual keyboard to let me get fancy.

For example: A tablet is great for catching up on email, if you assume that I am going to mark out emails that need my attention to be dealt with later on from a PC, only writing replies with the tablet as a last resort.

Visual Studio 2010 is here

Sadly – it seems there is no edition for Software Engineers – the feature set (and pricing) leaps from”can build windows apps” to “jack of all trades” with database, web, unit testing, etc. They should have moved the profiling/debugging/metrics from Premium to Professional with MSDN.

Dr Pepper

I used to enjoy Dr. P, it had a rich, full, flavor with a kick of sparkle to it. Now the flavor is buried below something else; it’s almost that same bitter taste of diet drinks. Maybe their goal is to make regular Dr.P taste more like a diet drink so they can claim they taste alike.

It also has a nasty after taste.