Dr Pepper

I used to enjoy Dr. P, it had a rich, full, flavor with a kick of sparkle to it. Now the flavor is buried below something else; it’s almost that same bitter taste of diet drinks. Maybe their goal is to make regular Dr.P taste more like a diet drink so they can claim they taste alike.

It also has a nasty after taste.


From the fountain, 2 liter, or can?

What temperature are you drinking it at?

Can, chilled (I have a mini-fridge up near the PC).

maybe you’ve gotten a hold of a bad batch of cans. I only recommend the cans since they can keep the right level of carbonation. Temperature too. I’ve known people who would only drink it at room temperature. Not for me, I like it cold.

I’ve been mixing in the cane sugar cans now that you can pick them up. It actually takes getting used to. Blame it on the GM based corn syrup messing with your taste buds.

I don’t trust my taste buds this time of year in Texas. Too much stuff in the air messes with the sinuses. That odd taste just might be the taste of Oak Pollen.

Hmm – this is actually the 4th batch of cans I’ve bought across a year, with the same result each time. Different stores too.

I’ll have to look for the cane instead.

Actually, doing some googling, I get the impression that Dr.P may also have added quite a lot of salt, and that would definitely have the effect. It might not be so obvious to an American palette because things over here are always saltier than in Europe.

funny thing my info prof was called Dr. Pepper ;)

I have heard of people drinking it hot. I never had tried that. I wonder what the appeal is.

Hot Dr Pepper? That’s as wrong as Stea – a cup of tea made using Stella Artois in place of boiling water

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