1.31 server development

I’ve been embattled with the Update System for the last several weeks. Whenever I manage to finally pick my way thru the spaghetti enough to be emboldened into making an actual change, I roll it onto the test cluster only to discover I missed some bolognaise.

What I really need to do is implement the grid system I’ve been talking about since 1.24. Or rather, implement one of the two I’ve written…

I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and wrote a replacement grid system with some parallelization and modern-architecture considerations. I wanted the other coders to look it over for me, something this fundamental needs some peer review. Unfortunately, none of them have ever looked at any host code, and the only two who might be able to make heads or tails of it are up to their eyeballs in other stuff.

So, as I was filing it away for later, I was surprised to find that the file I was going to save it as already existed.

“That’s odd”.

Suspecting some kind of confusion between keyboard and chair, I popped the existing file into another editor. And it looked very similar, down to comments and such. Was this maybe a saved file from earlier on?

Then I noticed the date/time in the boiler-plate. OMG. 2007.

At least I’m consistent.

Working on this code is becoming a real beat down and mental wear. This frigging code has been kicking my ass now on-and-off for nearly 6 years. But even after all this time, I’m still not entirely clear just how damned deep the rabbit hole goes.

Maybe … It’s time for another Daimler.

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