Frankly, I was done with that show until “Human”;

Seemingly more characters than the entire series of Lost: you get an episode full of backstory on a character, and then they become irrelevant.

Every opportunity for suspense lost: 1- Ship is automated, so much of the series has been wasted on explaining things like “it’s self-refueling”; 2- Rush dropped on an Alien planet as a “cliff hanger” only to be re-injected into the ship on the very next episode.

Stargates that go nowhere: Empty planet after empty planet.

The result was a lost-in-space opera with no real reason to care (too many characters with no build up of attachment to any particular one, apart from the one with the huge boobs).

A pitch without a plot, it seemed.







I was discussing all this with a friend on Thursday evening. I felt if they’d left Rush on the Alien space ship throughout the first episode of this season, and drawn out the battle longer, they could have built up a sort of “misguided righteous fury” in Rush for the second episode with some actual suspsense: will the aliens break him and he become the enemy, or will they get him back?

But nope, just another day trip in a series of day trips :(

Justin’s thinking was: they needed to stop the ship and establish a base to work out of. We discussed various ways that could happen; I suggested that the seed ship being followed has crashed into a planet, so they’ve reached the final gate in the chain: end of the line. And Destiny stops because there’s nowhere else for it to go forward.

But we agreed that if Destiny stopped, then it would just be another Atlantis.

My thinking was: they need multi-episode, perhaps season-long suspense with the chase story they missed out on with Rush. Perhaps the ship gets really badly damaged in a follow up space battle, and can no-longer support everyone.

So they have to land most of the crew. Some have to stay on board. Remember: Destiny is following a chain of seeded Stargates, and it has a list of the locations it is flying to… So if they can get that list, they can follow Destiny thru the gates it is going to. But can they keep up and meet it at the rendezvous? Will they get there first? How will they know if Destiny has already left? What will they run into on the way?

One thing we agreed on: they needed to find some evidence of civilization on one of the seeded planets.

Right. Like any of that’s going to happen.

Actually, I didn’t even bother watching the show last night but my TiVo hadn’t recorded anything more interesting so I watched it this afternoon.

Boosh! Finally some pay dirt.

The question is: Are they just going to “fix it” next episode? I really, really, really hope not.

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