New Who, Universe Found

Only really two shows on TV I can be bothered to watch at the moment; the 11th Doctor Who and Stargate Universe…

Doctor Who

I never quite clicked on Christopher Eccleston‘s Doctor. He seemed like he’d had enough long before the end and he often seemed like a man itching to dance; by contrast, David Tennant’s Doctor gave him all kinds of recourse for energetic outbursts, but his portrayal was somehow shallowly duotone: either giggly daft or spital-flinging shouty. But there were some great moments (I loved Time Crash :)

I’d have to conceed David Tennant‘s as one of my favorite Doctors, though. It was easy to accept him as the Doctor, if nothing else, he believed it.

The new, 11th, Doctor is Matt Smith. For his part, I find him remiscent of some of my least favorite Doctors, specifically the annoying git Doctor of Collin Baker and the jester-like Doctor of Sylvester McCoy.

My initial sense was that this was “a gig” to him, with him trying to pick up David Tennant’s mantle. There’s still a little bit much Tennant in his character, but that could be the writers’ fault. The only reason I’ll volunteer that blame up for grabs is because the salvation of this season has, by far, been the writing.

Regardless of my irks about the Doctor’s character, the show itself has been pretty fun, and now that the writers’ have some sense of hope for the future, they’ve begun story weaving with some gusto. I hope they can break Matt Smith in soon :)

I hope that Catherine Zeta-Jones and “Chewy” are both still open to the role, though.

Stargate Universe

SG:U… The show is destined to annoy the crap out of me on one stupid point. The lack of a theme tune. On one hand, I’m glad of the extra moments of actual show time (although, what we actually get is extra moments of adverts). Is the single note they play at the end of the teaser supposed to allude to “Lost”?

And then there is the lack of forward motion of the show. Even I can’t manage that much irrelevant preamble.

Last Thursday, I was discussing the show with another disillusioned Stargate fan. My thought was the crew needed to be split up. I got my wish, but remembering the cluster-fudge of a season opener, I was convinced they would just “fix it” on last night’s episode.

They didn’t. Infact, last night’s episode (“Lost“), took where they’d gone with “Human” even further.

Which has finally caused me some enthusiasm about this series.

There are too many characters still for me to identify a favorite. Greer is a contender, but they keep giving him these cringe-worthy dumb lines that make me suspect they aren’t comfortable writing lines for a black guy…

But the show is finally looking promising.


God you’re such a geek, dude, branch out a little. :) There’s some great TV out there right now, Breaking Bad, Justified, Mad Men.

And don’t forget, new Futurama in June!

Oh and Friday Night Lights, that’s another good one. Or, hell, go watch Twin Peaks on (odd since it originally aired on ABC) if you’ve never seen it.

I haven’t watched any of the new Doctor Who’s except a couple with this brand new guy (the WWII Dalek one especially tickled my fancy). I grew up with Tom Baker being the Doctor and quite honestly almost everyone else pales in comparison. I had Genesis of the Daleks on audio tape and listened to it endlessly (until the tape snapped). Tom was a great Doctor but I am also quite liking Matt Smith. The stories have been well written (as you said) and the effects are pretty believable for the budget. I get to watch all of the episodes now I’m grown up too instead of hiding behind the sofa when the cyber men were on screen.

Tennant was a pretty good Doctor, over all. I figured him for a Peter Davidson fan even before I saw Time Crash, and P.D suffered from “not Tom Baker” syndrome :)

I think seeing Matt before Tennant is probably a good way to get to like him the quicker :)

Ok…I’ve given it eight episodes and I can now confidently say, of the three Doctors of the rebooted DW, Matt Smith is the best of the lot. I’d go so far as to say that Matt Smith might very well supplant Tom Baker as ‘My’ Doctor. I really like that he’s more then a bit more nuanced and darker then Tennant’s bipolar Doctor.

Though, one thing I’ve noticed of this new season so far is that the single episodes don’t seem to work nearly as well as the two-parters. Only the premier episode is the exception to that. Of coures, at 60 minutes it ran a bit longer then a normal 42 minute long episode. DW seems to work better if the writers don’t have to shove the entire story into a single episodes. DW seems to work better if the story is given some breathing room.

Vincent and The Doctor…an absolutely brilliant stand-alone episode of Doctor Who.

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