Soda Check (Pepsi/Mtn Dew)

Pepsi and Mountain Dew have “throwback” cans/bottles in stores right now, made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. They’re way easy to miss – I ignored the Pepsis as diet.

Man – they really rock. The most immediately noticeable thing is that they feel “wetter” on the tounge, more refreshing and have a purer, simpler, cleaner flavor.

I’m curious what the purpose of selling these limited time drinks is? Do they think that people will switch from coke to pepsi because they like the throwback? It’s been years since I could drink a pepsi, but I’m fixing to head back to the store right now and stock up on the throwbacks.

ALWAYS listen to Bloo(*)

Failing to heed his advice, I was a bit late in waiting to get them neutered, and Sooty managed to find a socket for his recharger :( Judging by the size of Frosty’s belly, I’m expecting a fair sized litter :(

(* Except when he is clearly wrong)

Cats without so much of the cat…

CatGenie: Restored my apartment from “palace of cat poop” to “my home” again. The fact I saw it in an infomercial mean’t buying one was a last resort for me, but now I wish I’d bought it long, long ago…