Cats without so much of the cat…

A few weeks ago, I was woken up, yet again, by the AC gently wafting the inevitable early-hours odor of poop in my general direction. My ire at being woken by- or walking home to be greeted by- the variety of unpleasant indoor cat odors finally exceeded my aversion to anything that has an infomercial. I’d already tried all kinds of litter types, litterbox arrangements and gadgets; the latest breakdown of my Littermaid automatic tray threatened to cost more than buying a new one.

So in a moment of weakness, I went ahead and bought a CatGenie.



FYI: It comes with all the materials you’ll need to get going with it – including the sanitary solution and granules. They should mention this in their literature because my infomercial-suspicions persuaded me I had to order those separately or be stuck with a useless piece of molded, cheap plastic.

I’ve waited a while to mention this because… Well, infomercials are the devil’s own bottom. I wasn’t ready to trust the thing.

But my apartment has been like a different place these last weeks. I haven’t had to see – or smell – cat poop. (Being a male cat, you can still tell when Sooty has just gone number one for a while afterwards, but even that isn’t on the same scale as it used to be).

No more having to leave windows/doors open and the AC on full to minimize the cat-stink when I get home. And I can eat as soon as I get home – I don’t have to purge the litter tray first, and wait for the side effects of that to let up too.

The LitterMaid tray I was using was good – it scooped the poop into a little container, but it almost never succeeded in closing the lids on them, which just meant that the little boxes were little vessels of pure, concentrated kitty-evil waiting to catch me off guard :(

The Genie isn’t perfect, it has its limitations: if cat poop gets stuck where the genie can’t get at it, I’m told it can produce some particularly unpleasant smells during the drying phase. But as yet, I’ve not had to experience that.

I’ll take the occasional dose of foul stench over a generally permanent presence.

Cat smells bother me pretty badly too, I have to hold my breath when dealing with a tray or an accident or a couple of whiffs and I’m puking my guts up.

It’s also fairly noisy during the wash cycle etc: especially so if you are manually running the cycles and there is some dried out doo-doo in there.

I decided not to put mine in the bathroom, since I habitually close the bathroom doors while showering etc, and I really don’t want my post-shower glow to be terminated by stepping in a little “hey you, the door was closed” message left in response to my inconveniencing the rodents.

So I hooked mine up where I have always had the main litter tray, behind the breakfast nook/bar where there is a little sink I have never used.

Frosty took to it instantly, Sooty was a little more recalcitrant until he got a good slap for peeing on one of my t-shirts that had fallen out of the laundry hamper. Since then he’s been far more eager to go in the new tray.

Baby… Well she’s gonna take her own sweet time. She only approves of a specific brand of disposable litter trays.

On the plus side, I don’t have to worry about her not using it because of other-cat smell; the cleaning process and the granules eliminate that.

Alas, she’s a grumpy old lady who shows her disdain for new fangled contraptions appearing in the house by leaving little messages right next to them: When I first got the Genie, I set it out in the living room with granules in it, to ensure everyone saw it and got comfortable with it.

Sure enough, next morning, Baby had left an exquisitely caligraphed “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?” next to it.

After moving it to its operating location and plumbing it in, I ran a test cycle. Then I went to the store for some iced tea. 10 minutes later I returned to find a second message from Baby, which I interpreted as “I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO GET RID OF THIS?”

Sigh. You have to imagine me standing there, glaring at the CatGenie thinking “go on, do something about that“.

But the Genie comes with a glossy sheet describing ways to acclimatize your cats to the device, and on the back are some customer testimonials of how they got their cats to use it

There was one that fit the bill perfectly for Baby, and she seems to be coming round to the thing, especially now that it’s been there a couple of weeks and it has yet to smell of other cat.

Got cats? GET GENIE!


Can we thank this device in the upward surge in postings? ;)

Now go buy 3 more. Always have 1 more litter box than cats :)

YOU may not be able to smell usage, but rest assured the cats have no trouble recognizing who’s doing what where…regardless of how clean Cat Genie thinks it is.

Is that really a flushing toilet for cats?

What’s wrong with a cat flap and a sharp kick up the jacksie if they go to poo indoors? It worked with our three moggies!

x2 for Snail’s advice.

Just for curiosity… how much?

In Spain it is 336€, around $425.

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