So much to do…

As excited as we are about 1.31, frankly some of the stuff we’re able to start talking about for 1.32 is pure woodie-material. The experience Ramp has drawn from working in the deep, dark bowels of the engine this patch are putting some host and client discussions on the same page in ways we haven’t been able to since Thunder headed off to Blizzard.

Had an awesome impromptu earlier with Rafter and Ramp and the thing I really took away was that you could see what were previously three opposing stances finding a mutual horizon. And a very promising horizon.

Ramp and I have also discussed a number of natural follow-ons to the turret accuracy improvements, including a system we’ve discussed with Killer for improving the update system to allow more frequent, more accurate updates with lower bandwidth usage and better client-to-client synchronization.

Also good to hear Ramp enthusiastic about fixes to long time annoyances that he is seeing with new clarity from a deep perspective.

And I got another performance tweak for the Intel Compiler ticketed.


Big props for squeezing the turret resolution thingie into 1.31, this is gonna change a lot of things.

Now where is inflight spawn/polcrewing? ;o)

The future sounds interesting!

“frankly some of the stuff we’re able to start talking about for 1.32 is pure woodie-material”. Disturbingly that’s very nice to hear :)


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