Dang this is tedious :)

The 1.31 code base has had a lot of “syrup to sugar” changes: A lot of it is simple syntactic-sugar, to accommodate the wiles of the Intel compiler. But that makes it really difficult to spot the real differences between the two code bases.

So I’m going through and synchronizing the two with meld.

Darnit but it’s mind numbingly boring :)

[edit: Finished! The client guys will be really unhappy when they pull in the morning and all but 3 files in the project have been touched :) Screw ’em though, they’re all cosmetic changes that were getting in the way of my working on 3 branches at once ;-P]

One Comment

It reminds me of the times I had to backport some changes to previous versions, like changing the logging framework which means touching everything, so, as you say, you can see the real changes.
Auch, it hurts :(

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