1.31 Open Beta Weekend

Sorry for the silence. It’s been a helluva week.

We’ve been cranking away at 1.31, and this week was stress-test week. Needless to say, with little sleep, 3 mewling kittens and a mewling kittens-mother, plus everything at work … I haven’t even glanced at the blog.

People seem to be really taking to 1.31. Many people were dubious about eye-candy overhauls, as is the main stay of 1.31. But seriously, this isn’t a few visual tweaks.

Also, once we get the host code changes properly bedded down (the beta cluster runs on 5x dual 800Mhz Xeons machines) there are some minor tweaks that really rock gameplay.

I already mentioned the turret-accuracy changes. That really plays out nicely. In the 200-odd player battles we had in the beta the last few days, you know when someone is targetting you.

You get to see shots walking their way to you, rather than one second the guy is shooting off 500ft to your right and then you drop dead.

The ragdoll stuff – I genuinely believed that was a ridiculous waste of dev time. But you have to have played it. If you’re an old WWIIOLer, you’ve seen the screenshots of “massacre at the bunker”s with 200 copies of the same dead body strewn around the bunker. And you remember chuckling at it.

Coupled with the visual and lighting tweaks, ragdoll gives those corpse-strewn scenes a new, darker tone that replaces the chuckle with a wee tweak at the hairs on the back of your neck :)

I’ve also dropped a little ninja-something into the event/intermission kill reporting, area-chat kill notices (for team-mates within say range)

(look at the bottom of the chat buffer) full installer link.


Still a few bits to clean up but in general folks seemed to be likeing it alot :)

Dead people do tell tales!

1.31 feels pretty good already, just a few things here or there that need to get straightened and it should be fine for release.

Has the case of people seeing rain at different times been investigated already?

Btw what is up with the China release? I keep hearing rumors that China won’t get 1.31 update??

When will this project launch anyway?

You’ve even gotten good reviews in SOT ;)

I am happy to be the “inventor” of dead bodies… not the ragdoll, but I had the idea about “leaving the dead bodies on the world while the player is still alive”. I will bought myself a medal :D

Yeah, the turret accuracy thing is huge. I haven’t noticed it, but that’s the point — if it works as it should, you SHOULDN’T notice it, because it should be real. The “tank far away is shooting into the berm in front of him and I die” moments were really frustrating.

I only got in an hour or 2 taking advantage of the welcome back offer.

I really liked all the smoke everywhere. I did not like the screen shake that seems to have replaced the red out concussion, maybe I’ll get used to it. Changing direction whilst sprinting will take some getting used to also. I hope it’s not as laggy (I think I saw a post saying you’d addressed that).

One amusing moment, I spawned in, it was day time but I remember thinking why’s it so dark?? Then I ran outside and went oh yeah it’s overcast. Cool.

Dead bodies were good, except a lot seemed to end up on their face with one or both legs sticking up in the air from the knee. I did get taken out once whilst standing in front of a white wall, noticed the blood spatter wasn’t too bad.

Keep it up. Looking forward to resubbing when it’s finally released.

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