Battleground Europe 9th Anniversary

11 years since John “killer” MacQueen and co formed Cornered Rats Software and began the WWII Online / Battleground Europe project and 9 years since the game’s launch also finally sees the release of version 1.31…

It’s one hell of a readme.

1.31 marks our departure from 33.6Kbps dialup support (56K users may just about get away with it if they avoid larger battles, but probably not for much longer).

You can download the client now – we’ll be rolling it out onto the servers shortly. Speaking of which, I think my ride is here…


Yes Happy Birthday to you.
It’s a testament to the game and the hard work it’s lasted 9 years. Maybe a niche game but a very loyal following has stuck with it and supported the game and your hard work.

Hopefully we will see further imrpovements and advances in the game and even a resurgence in numbers and revenue :)

Well done guys. Nice to see it here.

Been a long and rough road. Hopefully some smoother times ahead :)

Congrats on geeting 1.31 out the door. And perfect timing to release it on the 6th.

Happy Birthday WWIIOL.

Seeing the Rat forum posts and in-game chatter and reading this you really do get a feel for what the Rat team has pulled together with 1.31. It seems like one hell of an achievement, good stuff guys :)


/gradschool, no play-y

Happy birthday WWIIol ! Thank you very much to all of you who dedicate your skills to make this unbelievable project happen. I hope this decade will allow you to hire fresh troops to keep it running for another decade or two. WWIIol : the longest living MMO game ever ?


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