First 1.31 campaign begun

First fully fledged 1.31 campaign has started. I have work to do, but I’m gonna jump in. Been looking forward to this so much for so long :)


And it is fantastic! Unbelievable! Awesome! Great! Beautiful! Amazing! Wow! Good job!
Where is 1.32? *g*
I bet 1.32 will be very disappointing, because it will be such a “normal” patch ;)

I agree with drave, at first I thought meh, but the game has gradually grown on me as much as what attracted me to the game back in 2003.

@drave : Don’t speak too fast. 1.32 could be the first real game overhaul for years

Well I’m sure there will be great new features in 1.32, but the features list won’t be on two pages. I already said it on some forums (mainly german ones), that I’m really full of expectation about the coming patches, because with this patch we didn’t see a lot of changes to the code, that were made in the background. As an example there was something mentioned in the interview on massivly, about player made STO.
And if KFS1 can make the server changes he mentioned earlier, we can also expect a lot for 1.33.
But still, the features list will probably be way smaller. And I even hope, they will be smaller. This last dev cycle was way too long.

What I only hope is, that they won’t forget the navy patch and my SPAA with all those great new possibilites :)

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