Wireless printer: for Linux?

I hate printers, partly because finding the right one is bloody painful.

I’m not planning on printing photos; what I want is something that will rattle out legible copies of documentation from time to time and the odd copy of reference materials/paperwork: software licenses via email etc.

But I do want it to be wireless so that I can move it wherever is convenient and still access it from my laptop/desktop.

I bought a Lexmark z1420. Waste of the $40 it cost me. It has fancy custom drivers with no Linux support, so I can’t use it from my Ubuntus, and when I can get my desktop PC to connect to it, it doesn’t actually print…

When I find a decent sounding match on Newegg that is also on the Open Printer Database, the reviews quickly reveal it to be an ink guzzler.

Basically: Under $100, Wireless, fair ink usage and trivial Linux support.

Any recommendations?


You’re SOL…

Wait until you add the requirement that it also allow scanning with Macs, then you’re really down to a very small intersection. I ended up getting a Canon MX860, hooking it into our ethernet. It means its accessible from the laptops through the router, but we can’t move it around. Luckily there’s a spot next to my wired desk. It’s >$100, but the purchase cost of *any* ink jet is quickly dwarfed by ink costs anyway. Otherwise it works well for us, don’t know about Linux drivers though.

just use the standard HP drivers with cups. It works with most IP addressable printers. Also go laser, they are cheaper and cheap now.

Bought one last year for $50 cannon, Fax, Copy, and print. No color, but color is over rated. That’s what work is for. ;)

And yes the standard HP drivers work with Cannon, as long as your not trying to do anything fancy.

I have an Epson sx515, reported to work with ubuntu although I’ve never done it. Great quality, comes with a scanner.

Sres: If that was the voice of curiosity, you could download the Ubuntu 10.04 cd, burn it to a disk (or usb stick) and run the Live Disk without having it touch your disks. The pendrive option is nice because you can run the live disk with a persistence file.

Always been a little shy on stuff like that, I’ll have a look though, just out of curiosity, + it’s Friday which is fun code day at work and I’m in a meeting from 3pm so hell, I’m downing tools and having a look now :)

Well, the other option would be to download VMWare Player (**free**) and run it under that :)

The LiveCD thing is pretty cool, especially if you try it from a USB Stick.

Really nice thing about VMWare player (or any virtualization option) is installing your desktop OS in a window for when you want to try software you’re not really sure about. All of my PCs now have virtual installations of the host operating system too.

Well I installed ubuntu on a partition on my work pc and it fails straight off with noloader or something.

I used the windows install kit, which is probably the worst thing to do :)

Rofl … Told you just to run without installing it :) If you boot it from a dvd or usb, tht’s one of the first options :)

Tried again, got as far as the OS telling me the CD was corrupted and I needed to reboot… Tried it in another PC and it did the same there, so re-downloading it…

If anyone in business says they are going to create a proxy server or put in Websense, fight it as if your life depends, because it stifles productivity of developers…

I wouldn’t necessarily say that sres; at least on the proxy front there are some very good and very unobtrusive pieces of software out there. I’ve had nothing but great results from Squid, for example.

Now, websense, I’m with you on.

We use the windows version of squid, it’s always on its arse. It seems that our 10meg line is only worth 2meg, yet in the DMZ we get 8meg downloads…

*falls out of chair laughing*

Oh wait … We actually have suckier network connectivity at my place of work :( We can’t even watch YouTube videos at low rez without it stalling.

We have 100Mb ethernet throughout the office, but it only ever runs at 100Mb for Killer. The rest of us get >10Mbs.

We have a T1 hard line into the coloc, (1.5Mb/s) and a 1.5Mb/s in, significantly less out connection for the rest of the office, which is shared with the voip phone system.

If you’ve ever wondered why patches take so long … It’s because Gophur has to wait hours for the files to upload.

Don’t tell anyone this, but during 1.31 release, I got so frustrated at waiting for the host data to upload that I unplugged my PC from the network and used an SSH tunnel through my cell phone to upload the files.

That’s just between you and me, though, k, Sres?

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