Routing and finding the front line

Every now and again, for some reason I can’t explain, my little “flood fill” algorithm from tracing supply links out from the factories manages to miss a spot.

Oh, here little wifi vpn…

In my efforts to find a Wireless-N VPN/Router for home I discovered two things:

1. Cisco appear to believe their brand name = sale; consider the “Introducing Valet” page. You’ve never heard of it before, and the page doesn’t tell you anything about it, but there’s a handy “buy now” button.┬áIt says Cisco on it and looks like it was designed for ages 5-12. Why would you want confusing with technical stuff?

2. Vendors seem to have become shy of putting their wireless and vpn technologies on the same devices: I can only find two Wireless-N routers with VPN features (only one of which seem to be a VPN client rather than a server), a dozen or so Wireless-G and lots of pre-G devices that are no-longer available but still show up in google/bing searches…

Bah, humbug.